She was born in Istanbul in 1967. She has studied Archaeology and Business Administration. After working 15 years in Foreign Trade, Purchasing and Marketing, she has left her career, and has decided to deal with jewelery design business which she loved and very much interested. Considering how a simple dress can become more glittering in a moment with the the correct accessory, she has began designing special accessories. As she could not find the right material she would need, she was led to get more training and prepare her own material.

First at the Glass Furnace in Istanbul then in Murano she attended to Glass bead making training. When she could not find the right intermediate material she needed, she went to Florence get trained in Jewelry Design and Crafting. After receiving training on enamel, semi-precious and precious stones, she has stepped into the magical world of jewelry. By working with the young generation and the old masters workshops of the Grand Bazaar, she continued her professional training. As a result of a 6-year-long training, she entered to the Jewelry Sector by the “I’m Ready Now Collection”.

In preparing her collections,her policy has been to make very special designs which she could not find in the past. She began working on new designs and forms which have not been attempted or using materials in combination which said to be cannot be used together in the sector. She had been encouraged by the resistance from the Masters who said that these things can not be made this way and continued and insisted on her way. The admire and the appreciation expressed by the Masters who showed resistance in the past to her designs later as the products began to emerge has been became the biggest prize.

Special Thanks …

To my former husband Ali Rabi Ulku who has supported me in stepping into and in all phases of work which I give my heart,

To my dear friend Arda Minasyan, a new generation enamel master who has always standed behind my designs and encouraged me to stay in the sector,

To my Jewelry craftsman friend Aykun Karakaya who added the spirit I have aimed to the models of my first Collection,and

To my friend Ali Özatalay very sincerely who have photographed my products at such a beauty and when you look at them making me say ‘did I make them’.